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Accelerate your business with AI technologies

Leverage the most advanced AI technologies to create a stunningly natural, human-like contact center experience.

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Listen. Learn. Speak.

Meaningful automated conversations are only possible when powerful technologies work together seamlessly.

Our underlying tech — speech-to-text, natural language understanding, large language models and text-to-speech — helps your contact center listen, learn and speak in the most human way possible.

Components Orchestration Speech-to-Text

Listen on a deeper level with speech-to-text

Stop repeating yourself. Parloa’s speech-to-text technology, powered by Microsoft, listens carefully and recognizes your speech accurately.

  • Parloa leverages Microsoft Cognitive Services and additional contextual knowledge to deliver exceptional speech-to-text accuracy across all critical voice categories, outperforming IBM Watson and Google Dialogflow.

NLU that gets you

Our NLU is Parloa’s brain, using high-quality components in a unique framework that’s specifically tuned and optimized for customer service.

  • We fine-tune hyper-parameters to provide more flexibility than off-the-shelf NLUs.
  • Dual intent functionality allows you to create even better dialogue branching.
  • Global slots and intents enable you to design more robust dialogues.
  • Improve NLU performance with every conversation to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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Components Orchestration NLU
Parloa Solutions Learn LLM

Natural interactions with large language models

Large language models (LLMs) bridge the gap between generic models and business knowledge. We feed LLMs tons of company-specific information to help them learn and remember — just like a human brain.

  • Specifically fine-tuned LLM models enriched with facts from company knowledge.
  • The AI-generated answers are natural, reliable, and sound like a human.
  • From agents to bot designers, LLMs support tasks at every level of customer service
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Transform Text to Lifelike Speech

What makes us stand out is how we sound. Parloa speaks more naturally than any other solution, and you can even customize it. Have a listen:

See Parloa in action

Parloa feat. Microsoft Neural Voices:

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Context is king (and queen)!

Providing customers with a great phone experience is what makes your customers happy and loyal! That’s why our platform is able to contextualize every aspect of your conversations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

  • Reduce unwanted conversational patterns, including spelling errors, by 26%.

  • Parloa’s intelligent use of context enables us to keep listening during natural pauses in conversations instead of triggering an End of Speech Detection event — decreasing errors rates by 15%.

  • Parloa’s speech-to-text hints, contextual listening and post-processing are seamlessly integrated into your infrastructure.

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AI solutions designed for people

Parloa aims to ensure every customer and every agent ends a call with a smile on their face. We do this by using the most advanced technologies available today, including generative AI, which is an integral part of our solution. Find out more:


Get rid of repetitive tasks done by agents and use AI to manage multiple customer requests at the same time. Improve response times by automating your customer service.


Equip agents around the world with real-time translation tools that allow them to speak in their native tongue while interacting with people in any language.


Leverage all company knowledge and incorporate it into large language models to continuously improve the foundation of your service automation and agent augmentation initiatives.

The flexible AI-based speech recognition makes it easy for callers to communicate their concerns, even if they don’t know the right terminology. They can get in touch with the right person quickly and easily.

Tom SchneiderConsultant for Process and Project Management at Swiss Life
Parloa Platform

Exceptional customer service — always

Our fully customizable contact center platform delivers great customer experiences thanks to powerful conversational AI and the most user-friendly interface. Automate service channels, reduce customer wait times, and minimize repetitive tasks.

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GDPR compliance and data protection from Germany

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution made in Germany, Parloa meets all GDPR requirements. Hosted 100% in Europe, Parloa delivers the highest level of data protection for companies of all sizes.

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Parloa GDPR

We’re committed to your success 💙

At Parloa, we love great conversations and work every day to help contact centers achieve excellence in their automation. It’s why every part of our platform is focused on creating a bot that exceeds your expectations., and we’re always here to help.

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We make it easy to build bots that are perfect for your business.
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