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Augmented real-time conversations in any language

Empower your agents by bringing real-time translations into the conversation — in any language!

Help your agents thrive

Imagine your business with no language barriers…

To connect with customers around the world, companies traditionally use offshore or near-shore call center options. This approach is expensive, and it exposes businesses to increased liabilities. Parloa’s Augmented Agent enables contact centers to engage with customers in real-time in any language at the touch of a button, using speech-to-text and text-to-speech AI technology.


The result? Better experiences for agents and customers alike.

Parloa Augment Augmented Agent

Broadened reach.

Enter new markets with customer service agents that speak the native tongue. Enterprises and contact centers can quickly expand into new markets by eliminating language barriers out of the box.

Better experiences

Customer satisfaction suffers when agents can’t communicate effectively in the caller’s language. Parloa solves this challenge by enabling agents to speak with customers in their preferred language. Customers and agents thus have deeper conversations and enhanced experiences in their native languages.

Unlimited scale

Augmented agents can speak every language and talk to every customer. Contact center agents can accept calls from anywhere in the world, regardless of what language they speak. This allows agents to handle more calls and more customer interactions during peak times.

Parloa helps us accelerate our design and development of voice applications across a variety of channels.

Nicolas KonnerthHead of Voice ERGO

Powerful contact centers driven by AI

AI is only as powerful as the people behind it. Find out how Parloa helps contact centers redefine customer service with leading-edge technology.


Eliminate mundane tasks and assist multiple customers at the same time. Improve response times by automating time-consuming customer service tasks that slow most teams down.


Take full advantage of real-time translation for your agents across the globe. Agents can speak in their mother tongue while assisting customers in any location and in any language.


Unlock the full potential of your company’s knowledge by adding it to large language models. Continuously optimize the foundations of your customer service automation and agent augmentation.

Parloa Platform

Elevate your customer service experience

Parloa’s AI-powered contact center platform enhances your customer interactions. With Parloa, enterprises can automate service channels, reduce waiting times, and minimize repetitive agent tasks.

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Working together to achieve contact center excellence 💙

At Parloa, we love conversations and work hard every day to help contact centers delight customers. That’s why every inch of our platform focuses on creating automation services that shatter expectations. We’re on your side — even though you can’t see us!

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