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Transform your contact center with AI

We are revolutionizing the way companies use AI in customer service.

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The future of AI-driven contact center service conversations – realized in
one platform

  • Engage in high-quality phone conversations by making AI part of your team. Flexible, human-like and enterprise-ready — backed by generative AI to continuously improve your services.
  • Create complex dialogues easily with drag-and-drop functionality. Use multiple customization features to design the most helpful customer conversations.
  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences with automated services across all relevant channels while leveraging your existing infrastructure.
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Join forces with AI

Our platform brings together the best of both worlds — people and technology — to create unforgettable contact center experiences. Have a listen:

AI solutions designed for people

At Parloa, we have one goal: ensuring every customer and every agent has a smile on their face when calls end. We do this by using the most advanced, high-quality technologies available — including generative AI, which is an integral part of our platform.


Get rid of repetitive tasks done manually and manage multiple customer requests with AI at the same time. Improve response times — and the customer experience — by automating your customer service.

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Equip agents around the world with real-time translation capabilities. Let agents speak in their native tongue while interacting with people in any language.

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Leverage all company knowledge and incorporate it into a large language model to continuously improve the foundation of your service automation and agent augmentation.

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We believe in great customer service for everyone — no matter which side of the conversation you’re on.

Optimize your customer experience

No more waiting or endless routing. Smart services respond quickly and intelligently to customer requests. Available 24/7, AI ensures human-like interactions and superior customer experiences.

Motivate your agents

With automated services taking care of repetitive tasks, agents can focus on more complex queries that require human skills. This makes life easier, motivating agents and unlocking their potential.

Transform your contact center into a profit center

Increase the efficiency of your processes and agents through intelligent automation. Use AI to save time and money in your contact center while driving sales and reducing agent workloads.

With the Parloa platform’s low-code frontend, it is no longer necessary to involve Swiss Life’s IT department. Employees can change routing, keywords and intentions themselves – intuitively and without any programming knowledge.

Tom SchneiderConsultant for Process and Project Management at Swiss Life



Millions of minutes are wasted daily because agents have to take care of repetitive tasks. With Parloa, these mundane tasks can be automated in a way that sounds like a human.


Use AI-powered chatbot technology to automate dialogs when customers reach out via live chat. Deliver excellent service, with the right answers at the right time, with little to no human intervention.


Messengers have long been part of our everyday lives. Why not use a messenger bot to provide answers and address concerns automatically?

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At Parloa, we love great conversations and we work hard every day to help contact centers achieve automation excellence. That’s why our platform helps you to build custom bots that exceed your expectations — and why we work with you every step of the way.

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